Brief introduction of freelancing and other:

Money-Shot Projects (XD)

  • Nokia ———— Data Science Intern
    • Designed application:
      • To real-time monitor analysis of customer-complaints.
      • To predict & analyze network congestion and performance of an app.
  • Flipkart ———— Software Development Intern
    • Designed application for automatic signal generation that for automatic Hive logic of conditional data retraction over clusters
  • Removeads ———— Software Architecture
    • Cloud-based ad blocking software backed with DNS sinkhole.
      • Implemented Automated VPS provisioning and OAuth System
  • CSE Deptt @ IIT Delhi ———— System Admin
    • Simulated agentless system management using Ansible
      • Implemented OAuth server coupled with LDAP
      • Hosted Git server using OAuth for authentication

Cool Freelancing Projects (:D)

Not mentioning the small scripts and utilities

More Cool Projects // Toying with Tech (XD)

  • DHT: Distributed Hash Tables (DHT) Implementation // Pastry + Chord
  • Poodle Attack: Simulating poodle man in the middle attack on SSLv3
  • Bitcoin Simulation : Simulating an implementation of complete Bitcoin system with multi-transaction support
  • Data Envision: Flask web-app to visualize heavy datasets quickly and efficiently using bokeh (datashader).
  • Flocking Simulation: Simulated flocking of starlings – murmuration – using webGL & openGL shader language in JS..
  • PyLex: Performs lexical analysis on words, one word at a time.
  • The GrandFather: Text analysis of all dialogues spoken by Rick and Morty; Visualised

I’m still updating this list… XD (Punctuality. Am I right?)

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