Half of November passed in an instant, rather unpleasant as of the relativity. Winter is here, which reminds me George R R Martin updated what’s going on in Westeros, and he gave me more hope for Winds and Winter release, it’s been almost 10 years (just to remind.) Pretty sure it’ll cross 1500 pages and that it will be divided into two books. And interpolating linearly the amount of plots and subplots he created, it might take him almost 3 more books to cover everything. I don’t think much about it though, the miserable kinda get me down.

My Master’s Thesis project as I have chosen along side with (you know who) is super cool. Have to design a function-as-a-service microservice architecture over a dynamic pool of resources. Given that the semesters are too short, I’m not exactly sure how much we can do it, but we’ll try.

GTA-V is too much detailed I noticed, as I’ve been playing it for long hours. I can’t even comprehend how complicated the code would have to be in order for the AI to automatically trigger a NPC’s gun as it hits the floor at the edge, damn that’s so cool.

Also I didn’t know how much Cauchy did in mathematics but hey the guy is everywhere practically the last mathematician who knew everything.

Oh boy I sure procrastinate more than I think I do.