Purpose of the Journal is to write whatever one want to write in an organized manner, though I wonder if I do that already “more personally” among my notes then why do I write here? I can’t find an answer, I am just super bored. So here’s another journal.

Amongst teeny-tiny sicknesses, there were a lot of ups and downs. My new Asus laptop dual boot (ubuntu 20.04) can’t be connected to dual monitor due to some “driver” issues I guess, not sure, I tried a lot in its setup but couldn’t get it done. And it seems like lot of people with Asus laptop are facing the same issues without a reliable solution. Being a cs student this sucks more than it should. Anyway I’ll keep trying and till then keep switching between laptops.

The weather is changing and all the natural allergies are back and that’s not the most frustrating thing, from the past two weeks I’ve been in some serious crisis or “angst” on the comprehension of pointless of it all and this is constant. Pretty fucked up boredom. I feel like studying Particle Physics but hopefully not Abstract Algebra that btw I have to do now for passing the college-required-courses and I am NOT liking it.

Boredom. And a hell lot of it more. Though it might seem that I’m stuck at short term gratification and can’t focus more and that might or might not be the case. But mostly it’s just the casual “resistance” in the form of panic because of the super change in the world that took place seven months ago and which I’m noticing now. And also because my constant distractive interaction with other people have gone down significantly; oh boy! I thought I could handle it.

I’ve got to take things seriously though. Now more than ever.