It was evident very early to me but I found it difficult to implement in real life.

Working on anything under a mental pressure to fulfill some expectations either of yourself or something else sucks the fun from the thing itself.

Before I took many courses in my Institute I was super interested in those topics but after I started the courses I became disgusted with some. Courses like Computer Networks, Cryptography, Macroeconomics are pretty fun in themselves and I wanted to explore them but as soon as I signed up for the lectures, a certain pressure to complete pre-designed restrictive assignments and exams sucked the fun of exploring. Eventually I went bonkers and just got done with them.

It’s not totally true for all of them, a few courses like Operating Systems, Advanced Distributed Systems, Computer Graphics were super awesome. That was because the Professor gave such an open ended assignments that we were free to explore any sort of designs for coding. I’ll mention the names of the Professors involved: Prof S. Sarangi and Prof P. Kalra. Loved the courses.

The point being when I get to toy around technology I personally love it. No expectations, no responsibility, no pressure to get something done, no pressure to learn something profitable out of it. Just playing around and having fun.

I would rather just understand a design and laugh how cool that this rather than trying hard to come up with a potentially profitable idea out of it or something that would help the greater good; except when it happens by itself.

As soon as I read this post of Feynman, it all came to me clearly.