Today the main page of Reddit is covered with the absolute madness of a reddit user: u/IHateTheLetterF.

When I came across it I thought it’s some kinda joke but since past 6 years he has not used the letter f, not even a single time.

People at r/dataisbeautiful analysed his posts and comments: here and here.

It’s pure madness from one end and as whimsical as it gets. His justification is: it almost looks like uncompleted E and can always be replaced with the sound of ‘ph’. Incomplete justification can always be given but that’s not the point. The point is the sheer will he maintained throughout the years. It’s so damn cool.

Usually people cover their weird obsessions and incomplete opinions under the sweet cover of whimsical but I hardly see anyone being truly. This guy wins it.

It almost certainly sounds like a cult I would join. I am definitely going to try this starting now. The letter which must not be typed.