February is almost gone. I remember two months ago I had an angst towards the strong winter. Now in hindsight I can see there were different reasons for my constant grumpiness and lack of motivation. Pushing right back was never been so hard. That time got lost in that space and now I understand about it better.

January ended with my second last semester, now the final semester has only one project and one course; and so I’ve been feeling quite free of all the tense work. As I’m writing this, I’m also wearing a T-shirt, which indicates that Summer is here. Feel like I’ve been missing it quite a lot. I’ve started learning a new game, and been giving most of my time to it. It’s wonderful. I’m also getting more frequent with my friends, and going out of house.

There has been a lot of new events. Things I couldn’t possibly imagine happened. Despite of all the absurdists I quote, or pessimists I read, Life is beautiful and I do have the time. So will try to live the Summer as it’s meant to be.