It wouldn’t be astonishing if I call out that my usage of social media has increased substantially during the past two months. Well—a good catch here is—‘increase’ from what base? So since I just designed this separate branch named ‘journal’ on this blog, I think I should write two lines about this year (call it a beginning if you will.)

May has just begun. The first two months of 2020 were contentful and as far as I can remember “more delightful than expected” but a bit wasteful. Assignments were slightly less annoying (majorly because I super liked operating and distributed systems), and hence enjoyable. Wasted a considerable amount of hours where I shouldn’t and it wasn’t even fun!

And the next two months—March and April—were spent at home quarantined as of deadly pandemic, i.e., coronavirus; almost every nation is locked down.

During these months, my social media usage has been affected appreciably. Majorly it is Instagram, as I’ve been talking with people more than I used to. Minorly, Facebook, I’ve gotten used to regular shit-posting about almost anything to this point. Reddit, yes; though Reddit is better than the rest, at least you get to know what is happening, of course in a biased manner (be it USA mindset or usual Reddit-hive leaning of ideologies) but it’s less biased than Instagram—which is extremely biased in its political propaganda, stylization of lifestyle, more stupid than hypocrite mindsets, and what not! Though I was only using it more texting purposes and participating in none whatsoever. Still a considerable amount of energy works away! YouTube I have control over! That is not a big problem, as long the speed is useful to run a free bird—lame! Okay.

Even if you use less social media, part of your mind keeps deviating, mostly because of quarantine and since I have relatively lesser workload (even of my expectations!) Now this point seems like a good checkpoint to draw up from social media’s for maybe like a month, and so I will try to do the same. This was the first test journal. I will try to write some more, but I can’t be sure.