Recently completed the COD4 MW and it was am-azing. The storytelling, intensity, guns, gameplay and music is by-far the best in COD series I’ve seen yet and I’ve not seen it all and so many more COD to go yay! I’ll continue with the next in series a couple of days later, after that I played Watch Dogs 2 but got bored with the concept in just a couple of missions, the whole idea of “hacking” stuff and then exploring the world seems too normative. And I can’t emphasize how much the simple idea of a “free-world” means.

In books I’ve finished the Brothers Karamazov. What a super dramatic world! In the beginning I was thinking what a long book but at the end I could have read two more equal parts of it, it’s so indulging. I hate that I love drama. Anyway, I started reading Murakami again, this time it is Norwegin Woods.

“Pandemic Boredom” is there, still, a lot of it. I stay in my holdfast, hours at a time, with nowhere to go. Somehow I’m sleeping a lot more and getting late with the menial essential tasks of life but the laziness persists.