From past few weeks I was comparing the standards of day to day reality between today and say a century ago. One of the most important thing is the experience of reality. Today there is no individual experience of reality, we are constantly linked with the social media in respect to information, pictures, media and the world along the same parameters. Now exchange of information is indeed required (for any better civilization) but as a consequence of “what to share” the experience of living has turned into a “collective” experience. Thus, in no way, the continuous assessments feels like a necessary thing exactly because the group identity takes over. “Being United” is good in subjects of peace and all but not how we experience things. Basically, what I like, and thus as a continuation, would like to go on and explore, is shielded by the idea of not being understood, which is completely ridiculous, but very obvious when I’m on my phone more than 5 hours a day.

If need be edgy, it can be said that this case has arisen only because everyone has a smartphone and can use these simplistic application. The place is a wreck, full of stupidity.