The majority of the past week has been fun. I completed NFS Payback and Heat, both were good and enjoyable, though they went too hard on drag and drift races, a couple of them are fine, maybe in side contests, but covering 40% of the tasks with drifts doesn’t make much sense. There is the need for SPEED not GOOD TIRES.

I also completed Call of Duty Black Ops I and II, which were the BEST because of all the amazing story-telling. Black Ops III is of 100GB so I’m first playing Modern Welfare and then will go back to III and IV parts. I also started playing Watch Dogs 2 and so far it’s alright and will start playing GTA-V in a couple of days. So there’s that. Games are taking all the fun. I should probably choose a POV shooting-based game to play online with, that sounds so much fun.

I’ve read an ample amount of books this year but considering I have a lot of time on my hand, I will take up big ones that I usually don’t get started with. I picked up The Brothers Karamazov and so far the amount of drama they pushed me into is pretty surprising. Having read so much Gabriel Garcia Marquez, my extra-fondness for him can be seen with the fact that I started News of the Kidnapping out of the blue and continued to read for the first 50 pages without a blink. His style just catches me quick.

Besides that I started taking enjoyment in small assignments of my Abstract Algebra and Multimedia Streaming whereas Indian English Poetry is so boring I can’t even comprehend. Though I like Poetry (obv) but reading Poetries from Colonial India around 1800 just doesn’t make much sense. Geez give me some verses on human emotions, I’m bad at those.

I’ve also started going to a Park at night, which naturally gives me some dopamine that I need now more than over. Oh my first time using WSL2 on Windows, going alright till now.

Rest can’t say anything about lockdown, hopefully it ends soon and something good happens maybe Martin releases first manuscript of Winds of Winter, that’d be so lovely though.

Alright, another journal, will write more. Farewell.